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Harnessing Impact Inside existing portfolios

The Northern Impact Investing Network ("Northern Impact" or "NI") was founded with the vision that every company and investor can be a force for good, eliminating the false choice between financial returns and impact.

Headquartered in Toronto, Northern Impact is a non-profit alliance of established investors and lenders working collaboratively to finance high growth companies with intentional, measurable and aligned social benefits to their ongoing business. Northern Impact is an organization created by investors for investors who believe that impact can be an advantage and force multiplier on financial returns. 






Areas of Action



Northern Impact helps investors to identify and elevate impact in their existing portfolios. Companies with impact potential are referred to Northern Impact by qualified lead investors seeking like minded co-investors. NI only works with companies whose impacts we assess to be intentional, measurable and aligned with both business and investor stakeholder interests. We then help to ensure those objectives are harmonized with due diligence that is shared by the sponsoring lead investor with peer investors and lenders through NI's Investor Roundtables Series and other forums we support..



Northern Impact represents a community of 100+ institutional investors and specialized lenders across North America seeking to co-invest in companies with compelling social impacts and financial returns. Northern Impact hosts a regular Investor Roundtables Series where qualified lead investors can share impact co-investing opportunities vetted by NI with a community of like-minded and like-abled accredited investors and strategic funders.


3. market linkages

Northern Impact helps qualified impact ventures and investors connect with partners in priority sectors and geographies where impact offers competitive advantages in trade and finance. NI works with its powerful and well connected investor community to facilitate cross-border activity intended to catalyze growth and profitability for supported entities.



Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
— Dalai Lama


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